Tuesday, 20 May 2014

blog update - pics & Video

Hello lovely people. This post is to give you guys an update on my whereabouts and to explain why my blog has been inactive for almost 8 months.  I will get back to blogging soon though I promise, I miss it too much! Read on :)

My little cousin asked me how to set up a blog today, and it made me really miss blogging and my blog immensely! I say little, she's 16 this year! I feel so old >.<
She is into all her make-up, especially the higher end stuff (kids these days, more money than sense :P) so I've agreed to go over this weekend and help her set up.

We have moved house again since my last post, which we still aren't fully settled in to and things have just been mad busy with us both working full time and not having any time for much else. Our new kitten is almost a year old now too, and he is still a huge pain in the butt :P

The biggest reason for my blogging hiatus: Me and my partner found out that we were expecting our first baby, due July 13th this year.

The baby came as a bit of a surprise. We were trying for a while but stopped and decided to get married instead. We had booked the wedding itself in Hawaii, picked the dress and booked our little shack on the beach and were ready to become Mr & Mrs Watson in June this year. Obviously the baby decided otherwise & we had to cancel the wedding. I was so ill for the first trimester that I had to take some time off work and stayed in bed most of every day.

From my 12 week scan at the hospital, friends and family had convinced me I was having a boy and I'd settled on the name Isaac William. After the scan I was so happy to see a healthy baby with a beating heart - I didn't care what gender they were and just wanted my little person to keep on growing. I still wanted to know what the baby was though, I just didn't have a preference if that makes sense, I just wanted to know so I could buy some blue or pink so we went ahead and booked a private 3d sexing scan at 16 weeks.

The sexing scan itself was amazing, seeing my little tiny human moving their arms and legs about is just so crazy. The sonographer at the end told us we were actually expecting a little girl and we were thrilled beyond belief. We already had a girls name ready just in case and the pink shopping spree began.

We decided to call her Isla Hannah Watson. My partners mum sadly passed around 2 years ago, and her name was Hannelore. Ian wanted the baby to carry her name on somehow and Hannah fitted perfectly as most people called his mum Hannah anyway.

Since then we have had a few scans just so we could keep seeing our little princess and get a few pictures as keepsakes. It is so addictive but bad for the wallet :/ I don't have the pictures from the original sexing scan though as we gave them all to family.

Here's my little baby timeline

Day of truth! 12.11.2013
Approx 7 weeks - early re-assurance
12 week hospital scan
19 + 6 weeks
20 week hospital scan
22 + 6 weeks
27 + 3 weeks - this wasn't really a successful scan due to the baby's position so we got free re-scans. They still gave us a DVD and a CD with all the images on. This is the best we got, baby's shoulder and ear :P
29 + 3 weeks - we didn't get pictures for this one as it failed again but got another DVD.
31 + 1 weeks. - This was our final scan and we upgraded to HD and got the most amazing pictures of the baby. It's so strange to think our baby will look almost exactly like this and it's not long now until we meet her.

The nursery is practically finished and just waiting for the cot and moses basket off my two aunties. My mum has just ordered the most beautiful silvercross pram which I can't wait to test drive, and mine & babys bags are almost fully packed for the hospital. I feel and look like a whale, my belly is stretched beyond belief and I'm turning into a tiger already, I waddle like a penguin and I'm sure this baby is going to be massive! No more bikinis for me haha! Will be worth it though and hopefully get to meet my daughter in just over 7 weeks time if she decides to turn around as she's still breach.

Here is the DVD of my most recent scan. I've chopped it down though as the original would have been too long and full of measuring and wobbling my belly trying to get baby to move.

Sorry about the baby heavy post - I still have some products to review for you guys and will get back to blogging asap.
That's me out though now until Isla gets here :)

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