About me

Just a small introduction...
My name is Kathrine-amy, but because it's a bit long winded, I go by any shortened version people can come up with - Katy or Kate will do! 

I studied English language, geography, photography and psychology in college, but dropped out half way through due to my desire to get a job and money fast.

 I'm 23 years old and have recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend of 3 years. I work full time, and on my days off I love to just relax after a hard week or meet up with my close friends for a coffee.

I adore cats, Asian cosmetics, anything sparkly, and gaming with my boyfriend - Tomb raider, WoW and Final Fantasy to name a few.
I also have a love for Yankee candles, if only they weren't so expensive!!  

My idea of a great day out is a trip to the zoo or aquarium, anywhere animal based with a great gift shop so I can spend tonnes of money on cute adorable things that I don't need. Alternatively, cute little craft shops in little out of the way towns/villages where I can find a unique bargain to proudly display in my apartment.

  Anyway, that was short and sweet, if you want to know anything else just ask :)